Saturday, October 16, 2010


Wow! K-on (けいおん!) originally from a manga series before it is produced in anime is now available AS A GAME for the PSP thanks to sega who developed the game!

I am a fan of K-on of course to begin with and I really enjoyed the game as I've just got it today! This game is highly recommended for K-on fans , why.. because watching the anime makes us fans goo crazy over their songs and wished to play the song "ourselves" you know what i mean? well , here is your chance to do so especially for those who cant play any instruments! Just a push of a button to rock a concert in your PSP!

The story of the game basically flows just like the anime season 1. So yeah you pretty much will understand what is going on even though it is japanese [ If you watched the season 1 that is]

The game play definitely reminds me of Guitar hero , not saying this is copy or what soever LIKE WHO CARES ! I wanna be part of the band !

The playable K-on characters includes Everyone in the band which means you can select the instrument of your choice for each song . For example if you choose YUI , you get to play as a Lead guitarist!

At least 90% of the songs from the Anime season 1 are selectable in the game which is AWESOME! No doubt I am one with the band now. I get to play em all!

Here is the best part , you can dress them from the top to the bottom includes accessories such as "Cat Ear" [ Azu-nyan ] . Dress them up to heat up mood of the concert! Oh of course , you need to unlock all the items! :P

There are many more to explore and unlock!


MY RATING : 8/10

Get the game now If you are fan a k-on!!

Here is the trailer of the game hope you all enjoy it!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Artworks done :)

It was a busy month back there ,
did a few artworks and here are some to share with you all :)

Fan art of Nariko From Heavenly Sword. A
scene of after battle with hawt Sexy Viking .

Chun Li Vs Morrigan
Chun Li finally agreed to join Morrigan and turned into a Succubus herself :D

More to come soon! Im currently taking commission request. If you are interested , please visit Here

Thank you!

Babes Final Fight

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Final Fight !

This is the previous Scene that I did Commission For Fotografiecollective , the fight between the Legendary Chun Li ,Cammy and Blair. After received alot of comments saying that that wasn't a fair fight , So its decided to put an end to the fight for everyone's satisfaction especially to all Chun Li fans!

Here Are the Step by step for the Final Fight!

1. A rough sketch for composition and pose setting.

2. Composition is decided , now it is time for the detailing sketch

3. Once everything is confirmed , here comes the art lining.

4. My favorite part of all , The coloring process begins ;)

5. Finally , adding some effects and here is the outcome!

Hope you all Like it as much as i do ;) For more of my artworks , please visit my Deviantart or just click Here


Bikini Fast Doodle

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hi , It has been months since i last made a video of my quick doodle ! So I decided to do make another one since my final is over. A random yet my favourite idea , A bikini girl doodle =)

This Doodle is dedicated too all guys,bikini lovers out there ,

Time Taken : 30mins
Software : CS2
BGM : SnowDrop- Ever Stay Snow
With no reference used.


Welcome To Beta v1.1 magion02 blog 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hello All finally my blog is finally opened after months and months passed. This blogged was created a year ago but I was too busy working with my stuff. My final is over and Its time to launch it~!

Here , i will share my artworks or any media work that i did and probably some of my stories that happen in my life from drawing to gaming =P Hope you all will enjoy your stay here browsing my so called ecchi gallery haha.